Finding a different pace of life

It feels like a century ago but at the beginning of this year, I went to India to do a yin yoga teacher training (if you don’t know what yin yoga is, worry not, I shall explain throughout this post).

Kerala Yoga Shala View


I remember sitting at a cafe at Heathrow airport before my flight to Cochin and having some second thoughts about this trip. How much money I spent on it, that I wasn’t even staying for that long and whether it was all worth it.


I think it’s fair to say that I’m not the kind of yogi who’d romanticize India as a country. For all the amazing heritage, there’s also a lot of poverty and inequality in society even these days. At least that’s my impression from spending some time there in the last few years.


All that said, it’s an amazing place to immerse yourself in yoga. And there’s something else. Life just has a different pace there. I clearly remember arriving in what I call my usual “walking to-do list” mode. :) It may have been that the heat of the place (even during the winter the temperatures stay around 30 degrees celsius in the Southern part of the country) contributed to this, but it only took a few hours for me to naturally start to slow down.


And then it hit me. Even though I’ve come here to learn teaching a more restorative yoga practice, the real value of this trip was in my own lived experience. Now I don’t want to aggravate you by describing the place where I stayed near the beach since travel options are limited for all of us now. But that kind of atmosphere together with the slower-paced, restful yoga practice during the training really did the trick for me. I never felt more chilled in my life.


Now while I can’t magically transport you to a beach in India, I’d love to give you a taste of that experience. Yin yoga is a counterpart to the more active yoga practice that most of us in the West do these days. It’s all about resting, surrendering, staying in postures longer, and using lots of props to allow you to find comfort in them. It also enables you to work into the connective tissue and fascia of your body rather than only muscles that tend to be targeted in the more dynamic practices.


Join me for a Holiday De-Stress and Recharge Workshop – A 90-minute gentle yoga experience with a chance to connect and chat in the last 15 minutes. Bring your tea and snacks. ;)

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