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I know what it feels like to be a stressed-out musician struggling with pain from playing an instrument. But since I’ve found yoga, I’ve learned strategies to help put my mind and body at ease so that I can make music from a more centered and balanced place. In fact, I found it so amazing that I couldn’t help but want to share yoga with other musicians. I’d love to be your guide on this wonderful journey.

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Would you like some individualized support? I’m offering private sessions. Jump on a free consultation call with me to see if we’re a good fit.


This bite-sized session will help you release tension in your shoulders and neck that so often bother us musicians.

Free the Shoulders and neck Guide
What other musicians are saying.

“Veronika has a special way of balancing of expertise, clarity and finesse with compassion, understanding and empathy. This is a winning combination!”

Bryony Morrison, Violin Player, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

I like Veronika’s single mindedness and focus that she brings to the classes – considered and well thought out plus she has a reason for everything. Her detailed guidance throughout each class is really helpful without being too prescriptive. She allows for personal requirements, personal limitations or simple alternatives.

John Kent, Freelance Bass Player, UK

These classes have been amazing! I keep nearly emailing you a “this is my favourite one” message, then I remember I think that every week. Really brilliant!

Jennifer George, Freelance Flute Player, UK

“Veronika takes her musician yoga sessions to a distinctly new level. Her insight as a professional musician and her delivery with compassion and safety makes her specific musicians’ yoga practice one that I would highly recommend. I personally feel much stronger both physically and mentally after completing her 4-week on-line course…  this practice is important for me personally and I will now go away and incorporate it more into my daily life.”

Sally Morgan, Double Bass Player, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

“Thanks for the meditation Veronika, that was great! I really think you have a talent for it! I have like zero meditation experience, but that was awesome. Really gentle, slow, voice not “in the way”.”

Per Håkon Oftedal, Freelance Trumpet Player, Austria

“…thank you Veronika :) I so enjoyed today – I left on a real positive !”

Georgia Hannant, Violin Player, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra


Revolutionize Your Time Management Skills

Do you sometimes feel like this? So many things to do and so little time…  This year I made several New Year’s resolutions and none of them were related to work. Rather, I set to spend more time with friends, bring more joy into my cooking (so that it doesn’t always feel like a chore), go on an actual holiday, etc., etc. Put simply, I want to bring more pleasure and joy into my life. But how do I do that while accomplishing all the things I want to accomplish?

Are You a Warrior with an “o”?

You may not know this about me but I am a freaking ninja at worrying. :) I’ve been honing that skill for years without even knowing it and it wasn’t until my late twenties that I started to understand and learn to work with my mind in order for it not to get constantly hijacked by negative thoughts and worries. 

I Was Ashamed of Feeling Nervous

When I was about 20 years old, I remember starting to feel really nervous when playing concerts. I was in my second year of college and just landed quite a prestigious trial in an orchestra in Prague. Around that time I distinctly remember my teacher coming to me before my college recital and announcing that the husband of the first oboe player from said orchestra, also an oboist themselves, was in the audience and really interested to hear me. I don’t even know how I finished the performance, I was so freaked out.




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