Reset Your Spine for the New Year

Let me tell you something. I have yet to come across a musician that hasn’t at one point or another struggled with some sort of back pain, myself included. It’s actually what led me to start doing yoga in the first place! I know, not a very elevated reason but yoga’s been working wonders for my back.


We, musicians, spend our lives in quite extraordinary postures when it comes to our spine. Couple that with the sedentary nature of today’s lifestyle and you’ve got a recipe for a disaster

But here’s the thing, our anatomies are so different and unique. Think about it, the shape of your bones is completely unique to another person. Yes, my little snowflake, it’s just like DNA. :) So much so that for example your right hip bone will have a slightly different shape to your left one. Isn’t that amazing?!

But it also means that what might be beneficial for one person, maybe hurting another. If you’ve been to my last workshop, you’ve heard me talk about functional yoga practice as opposed to an aesthetic one. And this is something I’m really passionate about. That you practice what’s right for your body and are guided by what you feel rather than what it looks like from the outside.

Check out this video about back bending yoga postures to get an idea of what I’m talking about. (I had a bit of a technical glitch in the middle but since I’m working on taming my perfectionist side, I’ve decided to put it out anyway)



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